Comprehensive Marketing Services

Comprehensive Marketing Services

Think about online marketing your business comprehensively that will ensure increased traffic, increased site conversion, pre-selling your products or services and managing online relations.

Let us discuss proven online marketing strategy that guarantees result. Our specialized internet marketing services will help you relax while you watch your online sales soar.

Web Research Services can make your online business successful! We not only work to increase your sales but also to maximize your profits. We have our proprietary online marketing tools and gorilla marketing tactics that helps in increasing online sales and profits.

1) Affiliate Marketing Management
We will strengthen and empower your affiliate marketing channel and recruit affiliates proactively. We also ensure that your program creatives are up to date to meet the affiliate requirements. We work with you to design promotions for affiliates and the customers. We will do it all for you, recruiting affiliates, designing graphics, communication with affiliates, motivating them and everything that is needed to make your affiliate program a success.

2) Search Engine Optimization
We ensure good ranking on search engines that is important for any online business to attract website visitors. We have our clients listed on the top ranking in Google and Yahoo. Please let me know if you would like to see reports.

3) Cross channel marketing
Ever heard of a business tapping its targeted online customers directly? We will do marketing, advertising and sales using our expert techniques. Most importantly, this helps in generating maximum profits per unit sale.

4) Online Public Relations (PR)
Consumer education is very important for any business and an online marketer should take as an opportunity. The more the consumer is aware and educated about a product, the higher are the chances of sales. We will educate the prospect customers by increasing the awareness amongst the prospect customers. It doesn't end there, the consumers are full of questions and most sales don�t happen online only because a single question went unanswered. We understand the consumer behavior and will overcome this issue by online PR.

5) Online news articles
Online news article complements SEO and online PR. News has its own importance in creating the buzz, increase consumer awareness and converting a news reader into a prospect buyer. This will also increase the brand value of an online business. We will work with you to write news articles and put them up with online news media.

6) PPC
PPC campaign management is one of the important practices with online marketing strategy. We will build ad campaigns that will generate the highest ROI. We attract only the targeted traffic from the search engines based on our ongoing keyword research. We will also work to optimize on costs and monitor the click frauds.

7) Optimize Site Conversion
Internet marketing for a website, start within and not outside. Our Managing Director and project head, Sid Samel is an online marketing genius. He says �a website�s marketing efforts are of no use if it is not conversion friendly�. Most tools refer traffic to the website but the online marketing for a website should first start by making the site with good conversion ability.

We make sure your website attract more visitors, convert visitors to customers and then also push repeat buying.

8) Viral marketing
We help products being sold by other product purchased. This is what a sales man do when you visit a store, example: you go to a store and buy a sofa, the sales man will then try to sell you matching chairs, then carpet, then even a decorative lamp. Or even when Hotmail users send e-mail, they unwittingly infect the recipient with the ads at the bottom of the message. You will have to believe it, because this is the only way to increase your sales and also your profits.

9) Email Marketing
We will use this marketing tool effectively to increase your brand awareness, increase sales volume, increase conversion rate, support, brand building, increase product knowledge, etc. Spamming is not a good idea as it may lead to black listing your website. We understand the ins and outs of each facet of internet marketing and therefore we will use this powerful online marketing tool to promote your brand legitimately.