Affiliate Program Management & Recruitment

Affiliate Program Management & Recruitment

Affiliate marketing is the best solution for you if, you wish to promote your business online, drive more traffic to your site, advertise on 1000s of website for free and in return pay for confirmed sales of your products or services. You ought to have an affiliate program management team in place that will ensure the growth of your program.

At Web Research Services, our dedicated affiliate program marketing specialists take care of affiliate strategy development, communicate with existing and potential affiliates both, develop effective link to offer to the affiliates, targeted affiliate recruitment, technical integration and affiliate content provision. Our expertise in this industry and with our proprietary tools we ensure you the best ROI.

Our SEO package offers 6 months of tireless efforts to give your website top 30 spots in the top 20 search engines. This package offers you the following:-

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We offer two types of personalized services as per your requirement:

  • Affiliate Marketing Management:

    The Affiliate Management suite will take care of everything right from creating a new affiliate program, prospect research, recruiting and managing affiliates.

    Affiliate Program Management Includes:

    • Planning and development of a strategy and budget for your affiliate program
    • Affiliate solution provider evaluation and selection
    • Competitive analysis is done on an ongoing basis
    • Implementation and launch of your affiliate program
    • Day to day affiliate management
    • Designing and implementing a personalized communication strategy
    • Manually screening and approving affiliate applications
    • Resolving affiliate issues seven days a week
    • Monitoring affiliate sites to protect our client's brand
    • Screening of affiliate campaigns to arrest any copyrights or trademark infringement of the respective client
    • Analyzing the affiliate sales trend
    • Reporting on the progress of your affiliate program
    • Reviewing and answering the affiliate questions
    • Sending newsletter to the affiliates
    • Establishing keyword kit
    • We also implement the latest marketing trends to ensure your program is on the same page with the industry
    • Affiliate recruitment (including Super Affiliates, most relevant to your business).

    Affiliate Recruitment service is inclusive in the affiliate program management services.

  • Affiliate Recruitment

    Why will you want us to do affiliate recruitment for you?

    No affiliate recruitment means no business! No matter how good your program is, but don’t forget your competitors are gearing up to take the lead. Why lose any business to competitors? Targeted affiliate recruitment is what your business needs.

    Our company carried out a research done on 4280 merchants, I asked them a few questions: are you skilled in identifying prospect affiliates, do you know the traffic of your prospect affiliates, do you know who are the affiliates that are bringing business to your competitors? 99% of the merchants gave me a common answer, ‘no’ to all the questions. It is only because of our team of expert affiliate marketers and our years of experience in this field, we have time and again proved to our clients and have helped them grow their business and profits.

    Our affiliate recruitment team can help you identify great prospect affiliates/retailers. Our specialist affiliate recruitment team can help you grab some really good super affiliates. The business dynamic says, only 20% of the affiliates will bring in 80% of the business.

    1) Super Affiliate Recruitment
    We have developed a number of relationships with super affiliates and other highly trafficked sites. As a client of Web Research Services, we will present your advertising opportunity to these potential partners and invite them to join your affiliate program.

    2) Approach Competitor's Partners
    Would you not like to know who is sending traffic to your competitor's sites? We will also identify your competitor's top affiliates that would be ideal prospect affiliates for your program! At Web Research Services, we utilize our proprietary and innovative techniques to identify your competitors' top affiliates and persuade them to join as affiliate partner.

    3) Continuous Research For New Partners
    We first understand your industry and then determine what types of sites (based on their subject matter, traffic, and other key factors) would make ideal affiliate partners for your affiliate program. We then approach sites ranked in the top 5% in terms of traffic. We undertake this research for new potential affiliate partner on an ongoing basis.

    4) Telephonic Affiliate Recruitment (rare but high in conversion rate)
    This is a powerful tool in recruiting super-affiliates that is most relevant to your business. As per our years of experience, recruiting affiliates through telephone is one of the most powerful approaches in contacting and persuading prospect affiliates to join your program.